We’ve had a bit of an early melt this year and the usual suspects are starting to pop a bit early. I saw Aquilegia coerulea (Our state flower!) blooming in La Plata Canyon today as well as some early Castilleja. If I remember correctly during dry years the flowers seem to put on a wild show, trying their best to put out seeds. How dry will it stay? Only time will tell.

The 2012 Season!

Sure, us bloggers tend to take breaks. 2011 was an amazing year for fishing! We kept an eye on the plants of course, but didn’t get down here for the discussions as much. We have a NEW facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/durangoplants and we intend to have a spectacular year!

More Natives

I’ve been travelling and missed some blooms but as you’ll see in this gallery, I caught some neats shots of the ends of some blooms.  Summer’s on, it is hot and it is dry.  A little rain a few days ago got the cacti flowering, it’s a nice display.  Yucca baccata is just finishing up, gorgeous.  Pictures go HERE and that’s about the extent of it recently.  Oh yeah, I also made a slideshow that you can catch on youtube… embedded below:


The big white flowered shrub show is just about over, so get’em while they’re hot.   Along the Animas river Yucca baccata has some impressive spikes of flowers.  Oenothera continues.  Short Lupines are giving way to big, bushy and fragrant Lupinus prunophilus.  Iris is blooming in wet spots, and the usual brand little violets are hidden gems under the trees.

Lupinus prunophilus

Big bushy Lupine

Nice hike around Durango Hills on Missionary Ridge east of town, the Lupines were amazing, and very fragrant.


I’m going to sneak up to the high country today if possible to check on what is beginning to bloom there.  Down here around town, I can’t help but notice the abundance of Chokecherry flowers (Prunus virginiana.)  A very common shrub/tree in the shadier spots and along roadsides, the chokecherry puts on a fantastic spring show of funky flowers.  The flowers give way to berries in the summer, most of which get consumed by hungry birds, who spread the plants around the area.   Those not consumed by critters and birdies are often made into jam.

Prunus virginiana - Chokecherry Flowers

Chokecherry Blossoms

They’re bloomin now, get up early 🙂

What’s blooming today?  Well, in the canyons west of Durango there’s quite a show going on.  As you’ve heard the Evening Primrose are putting on a show, as well as our 3 white blooming spring shrubs, Amalanchier alnifolia, Peraphyllum ramosissimim, and Fendlera rupicola.  On our plant walk yesterday we encountered a Rattlesnake, very polite creature.  It’s sort of in our culture to just kill these snakes when we encounter but know that this is a reaction bred on fear and ignorance.  Hanta Virus (spread by mice) doesn’t rattle, and is much more likely to kill you than a snake.  Let the snakes do their job and keep the mice from running amuck.  To take one link out of the ecosystem because we have an irrational fear of that link will irrevocably harm the ecosystem and ultimately harm our way of life, so stand up for the snakes when some hillbilly wants to chop’em.

Here are pictures of what is blooming today…

Aquilegia elegantula

The first columbines of spring.

Not that I’m going to do these every day… or am i? I give myself two weeks then I disappear until auntie maggie’s birthday. Checking the west facing side of Wildcat Canyon in the tall Douglasfir, didn’t see much except a lot of things covered in dust. Aquilegia elegantula was just starting, and that pesky white one was of course everywhere. Other than that, a little Viola and a bunch of dust. At least it settled out of the air last night, all over everything. Can’t wait for a bit of rain to give everything that push it needs.

Don’t forget to check out the native plant database I’ve been working on, it is located at www.durangoplants.com

What’s Blooming – May 11 2010

It’s dusty out there, really really dusty.  The wind is howling and stuff is bloomin. Lupinus ammophilus, Delphinium nuttallianum, Arnica cordifolia, Mertensia fusiformis and a few others (see picture gallery) are putting on a nice show.  I see the first bits of the big white flowered spring show coming on, but we’ll save that for next week.  Enjoy the pictures, and please, come check out our facebook group and post pictures of your own of plants you have identified or WANT identified.